About Geneen - Founder and Owner of One Race

Geneen Sparvier is the Founder and Owner of One Race. Geneen is from the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. Geneen has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as certificates in Fitness, Nutrition & Meditation and understands how a balance in all areas of health contribute to overall health and well-being. When she originally launched in 2015, she wanted to promote fitness and nutrition due to losing family members to cancer and addictions.


One Race clothing is dedicated to promoting awareness of all cultures in the world. One Race Health is dedicated to promoting all around health and well-being through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Physical health includes playing sports, exercising, getting enough sleep and eating nutritious foods. Emotional health is taking care of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and would include seeing a counsellor/therapist. Mental health is becoming aware of depression and/or anxiety or other mental health issues and reaching out to supports/resources. Spiritual health is engaging yourself in daily prayer, gratitude and practicing culture & traditions. By ensuring you have a balanced lifestyle that includes activities in all these areas, can promote overall health and well-being.